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> How It Started - 2012

About Nothing But Tires

From the very beginning, it’s always been about providing inexpensive used tires in a market flooded by high-priced tires. That’s how Nothing But Tires started. I was making sales from my home, right out of my shed.

As my customer base grew, so did my inventory. Soon I had 500 tires! I started meeting customers at gas stations to make sales. Driving around was a lot of extra legwork, but it was a good solution at the time.

> 2015

As the business grew and the stock increased, an idea was born. Why not just open a store that strictly sold tires. No installs. No balancing. No mechanical work. Just selling great used tires at affordable prices. With short store hours and limited expenses (no shop equipment or mechanics needed), the idea worked financially.

> 2016

We announced two major changes to our business. First of all, we expanded to being open full time hours, 7 days a week. Secondly, we were able to offer tire installations for the price of $20/tire for everyone who purchased tires through us, regardless of tire size. Even a full set of 20-inch tires would cost $80+GST for an installation. No other place in town offered installations for that price!

About Nothing But Tires> 2017

Armed with a new website and increased inventory, we are ready to take the world by storm. We are now offering new tires from a large wholesale purchase, as well as through our local distributor.

Feel free to stop in and check out our tires!

> 2017 OCTOBER 1!

We will be moving to a new location and having a grand re-opening October 1/17. There will be free food and the unveiling of our brand new store with over 11,000 ft2 ready to be filled with a drastically larger inventory. It was originally September however we had permitting issues so it has fallen back a month. 

Welcome to the new location!



> 2018 - Increased Warranties!


We have moved our warranty up to 30 days for any defects that may arise. We have always taken care of our customers after our 7 day warranty process so this isn't a massive change however it's always nice to have it in black and white.

Also we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a 90 Day extended warranty for an additional $20 per up to 4 tires purchased. It's always nice having that extra peace of mind that if anything happens.90 Day Warranty

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