Tire Installations

Tire Installation and RepairsA new set of tires isn't very useful unless it is on your vehicle. We don't do installations ourselves, as our main focus is providing you with an extensive inventory of used tires at great, low prices. That being said, we don't want to leave you high and dry having to fend for yourselves. 

We have negotiated great deals with two local shops to install your tires at incredibly low rates. How low? The businesses offer installations for $20/tire, regardless of tire size with proof of purchase. Both installers are located close by and are open a wide range of hours that can accommodate your schedule.

Our Installers:

Reliant Tires - Tire InstallationsReliant Tires is our primary installer. Three brothers worked hard to save their money and start a tire shop. Armed with integrity and a great deal of experience, they are always ready to take care of your installation needs. They just opened in September 2016. They have 8 bays and ambition to grow more.

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