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Summer Tires

Summer Tires

If you've read our page about all season tires, you already know where we're going with this. "Summer tires" don't really exist, at least not in the capacity that we believe they do.

Almost every single tire in North America is rated M+S (Mud + Snow). This makes them an all season tire. In the off chance that we ever find one without this rating, it would be a true summer tire. We'll leave it at that and ask you to check back later if we ever find these tires. They will most likely be carried by Sasquatch. 

Ultra High Performance tires is exactly what you would be asking for in the summer time. They have superior grip on the dry roads and will take a corner like the vehicle is on rails. In general most casual drivers would not require this type of tire during the summer months. They are best off running a standard M+S during the hotter months and winters when the snow comes down.


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