August 1/18 marks the start of our new Layaway Plan. 

For any products over $200 put it on layaway and pay it off over a 6 week period.

10% service fee attached to product (Minimum $50)

  • First deposit – 25% of purchase total
  • 2 weeks from date of purchase – 25% of purchase total
  • 4 weeks from date of purchase – 25% of purchase total
  • 6 weeks from date of purchase – remaining amount

We understand that tires are a need and not a want however there is a need for customers who cannot afford their tires up front to pay it off slowly.

Please understand that any late payments results in forfeiture of all funds. We are a small business and have to be strict on this process.

Additional Features/Benefits:

If your tires are paid off in the first 15 days of starting the layaway plan the 10% service fee will be rescinded from the invoice total.

We hold tires for up to the 15 days with no fees attached as a way to show our customers how much we appreciate their business. We have done this process for a very long time and will continue to do it with no mention of a layaway plan or extra fees. That being said if such remaining payment is not made within 15 days the invoice will automatically become a layaway plan and the 10% service fee will be added.


The NBT Team