Misconceptions of Good Used Tires

(Organizations, Rules, and Liabilities/Laws)

The Tire Industry Association & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 

The Tire Industry Association -TIA – (www.TireIndustry.org) is the organization that gives there “recommendations” for safety on the road in regards to tires and tire repairs. 

To be clear this is simply an organization that gives their recommendations on tire safety but is not a legal organization that holds any bearing in a law of court. In regards to their relationship with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) they simply submit comments on behalf of their members in regards to proposed rule-making.

So clearly TIA is somewhat of a lobby group that would drive policies for the NHTSA. Their officers and board of directors are owners and presidents of various tire industry groups and businesses. This is blatantly seen in their recommendation of tires taken directly from their website enclosed here. 

Their claim is, in order to maintain safety, new tires of the exact size must be purchased. Well we all know this to not be true and clearly a push to sell new tires. The used tire industry sells millions of tires a year as well as selling those tires in comparable sizing that does not affect the vehicles. 

Patches & Plugs

Back to the TIA.

Their recommendation is that tires are not safe for use if the tire just has a plug or just a patch however many companies sell roadside kits that simply plug the tire to allow a consumer to continue driving.

This is taken directly from their website.



While this isn’t a permanent solution this is certainly something that can get a customer out of a bind as well as allow them to continue their travel until they can get a proper patch/plug put into the tire. 

This seems unbalanced in my opinion because if just putting a plug was unsafe for any use there wouldn’t be a whole industry devoted to roadside kits as a safe solution for temporary repair.

Type of Repairs (Where they can be – Laws and Liabilities)

Now we all know that there is a major difference between a recommendation and a law. The NHTSA states nowhere on their website any laws against patches on specific areas. The TIA has even clearly stated there is no law against this on their website.

Enclosed if a screenshot taken from their website