Tires Calgary: Signs That You May Need New Tires

Tires are a crucial part of your vehicle. It makes it possible for you to get safely to that destination. Nothing But Tires Calgary knows you and your car are only connected to the road through the tires on your vehicle.

The main job of a tire is to maintain traction on the ground and assist in directing water that could lead to hydroplaning. So, a good tire is more than highly recommended.

An excellent tire might reduce your chance of encountering a flat tire while driving.
So, if you need a tire change, expert advice or insight into a Calgary tire shop, you are in the right place.

If you don’t know if you are due for a tire installation service or need an oil change, you are also in the right place.

Let’s dive right into it and discuss the signs that show that you need new tires.

Signs you may need new tires

Signs That You May Need New Tires in Calgary

Ensuring your tires are in excellent condition is one of the essential aspects of car maintenance.

The tires on your automobile take a battering every time you drive, just like your feet get uncomfortable after a long walk.
This is not generally a symptom of poor driving but rather an unavoidable reality. Tires age and become worn out.

Knowing when your tires need replacement will help you get new ones before anything goes wrong. You can quickly determine whether your vehicle’s tires need to be replaced by checking the tread and tire pressure.

Driving with a faulty tire could prove devastating, sending your car swerving off the road or stranded in the middle of seemingly nowhere without any way of getting home.

These are some signs that you need a tire change or get brand-new ones.

  1. Tires Fail the Penny Test

Did you know indicators of tread wear are incorporated into the tires themselves?

As the tread wears down, bars, which are first invisible or hardly perceptible when the tires are fresh, eventually start to show.

They appear as horizontal rubber bars parallel to the tread’s direction. A tire’s tread becomes thin if more than one or two are visible.

This should be especially clear in the wet footprints that your truck and tires leave behind after passing through a puddle.

Using a penny is the simplest technique to assess the tread depth of your tires. Put a penny in the tread groove with its head downward.

If you could make out the top of the head, your tire didn’t pass the penny test. This means you need a new set of tires.
The treads deteriorate over time, which is why more of the head is seen.

  1. Your Tires’ Sidewalls Are Cracked

The rubber in your tires may dry out and break with time. A tire blowout could result from this, which is quite risky if you’re driving.

The sidewalls of your tires deteriorate with time, just like the treads do. The sidewalls are subject to damage from the elements and poor alignment.

When parking, scratching against curbs can potentially harm the sidewalls.

So, if the sidewall cracks begin to appear significant, take the vehicle to an auto repair as soon as possible for tire repair and start discussing having the tires replaced.

  1. You Noticed Bulges and Blisters on the Tire

The tire’s outer layer can occasionally start to deteriorate. The end outcome may be a bulge or blister from the surrounding surface.

Inspect your tires immediately if you see any sidewall bulges or bubbles. An unbalanced tire might result from bulges.

A bulge in the sidewall indicates a weak point in the tire. It resembles the kind of abdominal hernias that people can develop quite often. Don’t put off getting your car serviced because the tire might burst any time.

So pay attention to the blisters and bulges in your tires.

Changing tires
  1. Too Much Vibration

Driving causes some vibration, especially on poorly paved roads, but if you’ve been doing it for a time, you probably know how much vibration feels normal and how much indicates a problem.

A wide range of issues, such as misaligned or unbalanced tires or worn-out shock absorbers, may bring about the shaking.

When your car trembles when moving at both high and moderate speeds, your tires probably need to be replaced.

Your tires’ internal metal belts may slip, which is what generates the vibration. Tire replacement is the sole solution to this issue.

  1. The Cords on Your Tires Are Showing

Your tires’ structure is supported by metal or polyester cords.

If you can see cords once the tread has entirely worn off. Your vehicle is not road-safe.

When the cords are visible, your tire’s tread has lost traction. Your tires need to be changed right away.

  1. Your Tires Show Signs of Uneven Wear

Tires may experience uneven wear if they are misaligned or under-inflated. Uneven tire wear may also indicate a problem with your car’s suspension system.

Underinflated tires will age more quickly on the edges, while overinflated tires wear out in the center.

It is very easy to take the quality of your tires for granted. But failing to notice the signs that your tires must be replaced will only worsen matters.

Tire durability test

Tire Brands in Calgary Tire Shop

These are some tire brands you’ll find in almost every Calgary tire shop.
If you are in the market for new tires, you can choose All-seasons, All-weather or Winter tires.

You can also decide to get winter wheels or custom *wheels as well.
However, whether you are shopping for winter *rims or just in the market for the best tires, ensure you go for quality service at fair prices.

*note that NBT does not sell rims or wheels and offer third party options we can refer you to.

Here is the best tire selection you can choose from during a tire installation:

  1. Michelin Tires
  2. Bridgestone Tires
  3. Pirelli Tires
  4. Toyo Tires
  5. Nexen Tires
  6. Yokohama Tires
  7. Sigma Tires
  8. Continental Tires
  9. Uniroyal Tires
  10. Kumho Tires
  11. BFGoodrich Tires
  12. General Tires
  13. Firestone Tires
  14. Kelly Tires

Tips For Maintaining Tires to Get Great Mileage

You can extend your tires’ life, performance and safety by following a few easy guidelines*.

  • Maintain proper tire pressure and inflate according to the recommendations of the car’s maker.
  •  Rotate and balance your tires at the recommended intervals to avoid irregular tread wear.
  • Avoid potholes and uneven terrain.
  • To increase tire life, travel at a constant speed over extended distances.
  • Refrain from driving at high speeds for a long duration. Otherwise, heat accumulation could lead to the degradation of rubber compounds.
Calgary Used Tires

Bottom Line

You have been armed with the knowledge required to take proper care of your vehicle now that you better understand the signs that indicate that your tires might need to be replaced.

Investing in better tires for your automobile is a fantastic method to prevent traffic accidents. It also enhances your steering control, which is vital for your safety.

To prevent overusing and prematurely wearing down your car, it is advised that you replace your tires every six years.

So, pay attention to your tires to have a great experience while maintaining safety while driving.

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