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All Season Tires

All Season Tires

Tried, tested and true, an all season tire can provide you with the support and safety you need all throughout the year. While it may not grip as well as a winter tire, the cost savings of not having to change tires twice a year is a huge plus for many consumers. 


Almost every tire in North America is an all season tire. They all have "M+S", which stands for Mud + Snow. That being said, there are varying levels and degrees of all season tires. Some specifically state "ALL SEASON", while others show symbols for all four seasons. Different tires have different amounts of sipes in them, providing different levels of gripping capabilities on snow and ice.

Price plays a huge factor here. The market shows the level of quality in an all season. Simply put, you get what you pay for. Consumers wouldn't be willing to pay more for a specific tire unless it's quality and stopping power was superior.

I've been told I need to have winter tires in British Columbia, is this true?

Not in the least! In British Columbia you require tires that have been rated for winter use, meaning that they must have M+S or the winter symbol on them. Here is a sign taken directly from BC that states exactly what is required. Seeing as almost every tire in North America has the M+S stamp of approval, you won't need to change your tires to drive in our neighbouring province. 

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